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We connect ambitious businesses and skilled freelancers

About Topwork

Topwork is a freelance marketplace, connecting ambitious businesses who want to grow creatively, with UK-based skilled freelancers and emerging talent.

The goal of Topwork is to pull down the barriers of entry to starting and growing a business, and making an income from your skills online.

Topwork was founded in 2021 by Karl Swanepoel, and is now supported by a team including Skye Brady, Kinga Mijal, and Mat Braddy.

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Topwork wins 2021 InvEnterPrize competition

Topwork wins Engineers in Business grant

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Topwork Beta

We're giving away Topwork account credit that you can use to hire skilled freelancers to build/improve your website, graphic design, writing, programming, media production and much more.

Apply now for a chance to secure up to £500 in Topwork credit as a part of our exclusive beta programme!

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